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"Drug Prices Too Low" Declares Bush

Author: Pharmaceutical Executives Face Mothballing Their Yachts

Posted: 10:37 AM (-0500 TZ)

President Bush recommended price supports for the ailing drug industry during a stopover at a major manufacturing facility. According to a recent study by the drug industry, profits have dipped to 30% in the first half of 2003, setting off alarms bells throughout Wall Street. Congress has demanded action.

Between calls for cheap Cipro for anthrax victims and affordable antiretrovirals for AIDS patients, pharmaceutical executives are hardly able to maintain their yachts and palaces. And without these, the American economy will surely collapse, as literally millions of jobs depend on maintaining the billionaire lifestyle.

A major problem in the drug pricing war is that Africans are exploiting U.S. pharmaceuticals with their self-serving complaints of lack of purchasing power. Drugs that keep HIV/AIDS patients alive in the U.S. were costing $10,000 a year by the late 1990s. Africans have been trying to cheat U.S. pharmaceuticals out of $9750 per patient per year by requesting generic equivalents produced by Indian firms for $250. Fortunately, President Bush has taken offense at this outrageous attempt to rob good American companies. In a few more years there will be 70 million AIDS cases in sub-Saharan Africa, so we're headed for a grossly immoral outcome unless African suffering and death is rated less important than corporate profits. Thank God President Bush is a good Christian who knows right from wrong. There's no question he'll do the right thing.


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